Monday, May 5, 2008

6 x 6 Toodle Loo

I have started working on Rylea's baby book and I thought Toodle Loo was the BEST choice for this project!! In my layouts, I'm using Toodle Loo cardstock, ribbon, hardware and cardstock collection.

I AM So excited about this NEW concept, I have got several 6 x 6 layouts done, with the intentions of adding them to Rylea's 12 x 12 album!!

I used the scheme 2 - Quick Quads and Scheme 5 - Four Corners together several times in making these first pages!! I'm working on going forward with other layouts! So, here is my first layout!

As you can see the one on the left (with Rylea's first photos) I used the Four Corners scheme and on the right I used the Quick Quads! I think these 2 go together VERY well!!

OH, under the photo of Jackie and Rylea, I put a tag so Jackie could add her thoughts at that moment. This was something I didn't want everyone to see. It will JUST be meant for Rylea to read someday!!

I did the EXACT same thing here but made the photo on the bottom left a little longer than the 3 x 3.

I will be adding more later!!

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