Friday, April 4, 2008

Scheme 1 - Two in a Row

This Simply Savvy Scheme is the most basic of the batch. It is always good to start simple, right? We are starting with a 6x6 layout. I doubled it up to make a 2 page spread.

If you use a neutral for you base page and then save your pattern and cardstock pieces for the accent pieces your kit will go a long long way!

Always remember you can embellish and add layers as you wish. I kept this one simple - just adding a few tags and some ribbon.

Depending on how you crop your photos - it can handle as many as 4 pictures!

Here are a few spreads I created from this sketch:

Another thing to remember is that you can TURN all the schemes too! How your two in a row along the side, across the bottom. LOTS of options!

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