Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scheme 7 - Color Blocked

Our 7th Scheme is slightly more challenging - but not much!
I started with a neutral 6x6 page. I place the right 2 3x3 squares (or pictures) "off the edge" to create the grid between them. After they are attached I then trim off the excess from the back. Then I placed the middle left block. Once that is in place you can trim off any excess again. For the top and bottom left pieces I just did the same thing! Attach them so that you have equal grid in between all your pieces, and then trim off the extra from the back side. Easy Peasy!

The left page of the following layout uses the Color Blocked Scheme. The right page is an Over the Edge scheme.

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Rita Kegg said...

Love this method .. I can see so many possibilities ... thanks for sharing it. Maybe i will start scrap now ... yeah right. Blessings